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Backup Snapshot via USB


Backup snapshots on USB allows you to backup the snapshots for later use.


  • Flash drive or other backup device.
  • NVR/HCVR with HDD
  • Camera connected to recorder

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. In order to get the system to save a snapshot we will setup motion detection. On the NVR go to the MAIN MENU->EVENT->VIDEO DETECT->Motion Detection and Enable motion detection, then the snapshot function, and hit Apply.


2. Now we will setup the terms of recording by going to MAIN MENU->STORAGE->SCHEDULE->Snapshot and selecting the gear icon.


Select Motion and copy to All days of the week in order to trigger a snapshot, then select Save.


3. Ensure that you have enabled Snapshot Recording by going to MAIN MENU->STORAGE->RECORD and selecting Enable and then Apply.


4. Plug in your USB flash drive into the recorder, and select File Backup on the prompt OR go into the MAIN MENU->BACKUP



5. Under the Type pull-down menu select PIC for pictures



6. Under Record CH select the channel or all channels that you would like to find a screen shot on.


7. Define a time frame within 24 hours that you would like to search for the Snapshots and select Add


8. Once a list populates select the Snapshots that you would like to backup and select Start to begin the backup.


9. A progress bar at the bottom of the window will give you an estimate of when it will complete. You can cancel this operation by selecting Stop.


10. A prompt will appear on the screen once the process has finished, select okay and remove the USB flash drive with your backup.



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