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Loitering Detection


Loitering detection is to detect if there are any idle moving objects in a specified area, at a specified time. This it can activate snapshot, recording, and alarm out, and email.


Internet Explorer Setup


  • Intelligent Network Camera.
  • Updated firmware that supports intelligent features.
  • Internet Explorer.

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into the IP PTZ Camera and select setup.


2. Select PTZ Settings -> Function -> Preset then use the PTZ control wheel to position the scene you want to setup. Once there, select Add and then select save, you can also double click the title or number to change the value.


3. Select Event -> IVS then select the preset you want the rules to apply to. Then select the green + icon in the upper right, this should populate a new rule.


4. Now select the drop down menu and select Loitering Detection. Now select Draw Rule and use the mouse cursor and left click to set the points of your loitering zone, make sure to use right click once you are finished to complete the polygon area. Select working period to set a schedule of when these rules are active. The Keep Time is the time it takes a moving object to trigger loitering detection. To select the desired output after the loitering detection trigger has taken effect select Record (Record Delay: amount to time to record before trigger), Relay out (Alarm Delay: is the time the relay is open for), Send Email, and Snapshot.


5. Select Live to view live preview, and then make sure the IVS rules are showing by selecting the icon to the left of PTZ. Once IVS rules trigger you will see the Blue box "Rule 1" flash red. Another indication can be your relay out (the red alarm symbol in the upper right corner.).


System Interface Setup


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

SmartPSS Setup


  • Intelligent Network Camera.
  • Updated firmware that supports intelligent features.
  • Internet Explorer logged onto intelligent PTZ.
  • SmartPSS 2.0 with intelligent PTZ added.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch both SmartPSS 2.0 and Internet Explorer. You will have to use Internet Explorer to setup the scene and enable smart function. After you have logged in Select Setup.


2. Select PZ Settings -> Function -> Preset then move the PTZ to the preset location where the IVS rules will take place. Select +Add then select save. "Operate Succeeded!" should indicate that it has saved successfully.


3. Now select Event -> Smart Plan -> Add Plan then select your preset (Preset 1), then IVS (lightbulb icon), then save. "Save Succeeded!" should indicate that it has saved successfully.


4. Switch to SmartPSS 2.0 and select Live View.


5. Right click the listed camera and select IVS Channel Cfg.


6. Select the preset (preset1) and then select next.


7. Make sure the preset is set to IVS rules (walking person icon) and then select next.


8. Select this small arrow key.


9. Select Rule Config, and then select Add rule.


10. Select the Rule type drop-down menu and then select Loitering Detect.


11. Use your mouse and left click on the camera's view to create a border where you want the IVS rules to take place, right click to end the shape.


12. "Draw Completed!" should appear, and once complete select save.


13. Wait >60 seconds for the IVS rules to initialize. Then test the rule, you should see the blue border blink red when activated.