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Live Demos

Model Image Type URL WAN IP HTTP Port TCP Port User Name Password Serial Number Instant Live Demo (HTML5 WebRTC) Instant Live Demo (HTML5 MSE)
IPC-HF8242F-FR HF8242F FR Product Image.png AI IP Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:5100 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 5100 5101 DNA DNA2017! N/A
IPC-HDW8341X-3D DH-IPC-HDW8341X-3D Image.png 3MP Dual-Lens People Counting AI Network Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:6600 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 6600 6601 dahua DahuaNA2017 N/A
1A203TNI 1A203TNI WEB.png 2MP 3x IR Starlight Mini PTZ http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:3700 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 3700 3701 DNA DNA2017! 4D0265DPAJ5C8A5
SD22A204TN-GNI-W DH-SD22A204TN-GN-W.jpg 2MP Mini PTZ http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:8700 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 8700 8701 DNA DNA2017! 4A05A31PAJEAD8E
HDBW4231F-E2-M DH-IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M-M12 thumb.png 2x2MP IR Mini Dome Network Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:3400 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 3400 3401 DNA DNA2017! 4D00D26PAGF90EA
N68BR4V DHIPCEBW812A0N.jpg 8MP Fisheye Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:1027 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 1027 10266 DNA DNA2017! YZC4KZ078W00018
HDW44A1MN-I DH-IPC-HDW44A1MN(-I).png Eyeball IVS Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:3000 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 3000 3001 DNA DNA2017 1G001B9PAW00004
PFW8601 IPC-PFW8601-A180.png Multisensor Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:4000 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 4000 4001 DNA DNA2017 2J0532EPAG00037
SD6ALA230-HNI SD6ALA230FN.jpg Laser PTZ http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:9005 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 9005 9002 DNA DNA2017 2F01685AAN00005
6C430UNI SD6CA230TN.jpg PTZ http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:4500 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 4500 4501 DNA DahuaNA2017 2J0082APAN00004
NK8BA4 DHIPCHF812A0EN.jpg H.265 4K IP Camera (People Counting) http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:1337 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 1337 1338 DNA DahuaNA2017 2L025E6PAG00002
N25BB5Z-1 N84BB14(I).png H.264+/H.265+ IP Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:2500 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 2500 2501 DNA DNA2017 2L06F58GBP00014
HDBW11A0-W DH-IPC-HDBW11A0EN-W.jpg Wireless IP Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:2700 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 2700 2701 DNA DNA2017 2H01383PAG00021
IPC-HFW83A1E-Z HFW83A1EN.jpg IP Camera http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:50000 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 50000 5001 DNA DahuaNA2017 2G01692PAW00029

Model Image Type URL WAN IP HTTP Port TCP Port User Name Password Serial Number
IVSS7016DR DSS7016D.jpg IVS http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 80 37777 DNA DNA2017! N/A
DSS7016DR DSS7016D.jpg DSS http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:8400 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 8400 9000 DNA DNA2017DNA N/A
NVR4104HS-S2 DHI-NVR41A04HS-W-S2.jpg Wireless NVR http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:7000 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 7000 7001 DNA DNA2017 2G029EBPAZU0927
NVR54A16-16P-4KS2 NVR54A16.jpg 16 Channel NVR http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:7004 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 7004 7005 DNA DNA2017! 2G01682PAM00003
C52A2N HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 4MP HCVR http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:7006 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 7006 7007 DNA DahuaNA2017 2G02D43YAZP6389
NVR60A8-64-S2 NVR6A08.jpg NVR http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:6000 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 6000 6001 DNA DNA2017 1A02917AA800036
X72A2A X72A2A.png XVR http://9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com:3300 9002A9553EB9.DahuaDDNS.com 3300 3301 DNA DNA2017! 4C028A7PAZ1582A

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