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(Live Demo Device List)
(Live Demo Device List)
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||Laser PTZ
||Laser PTZ

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Live Demos

SmartPSS Config File

Live Demo Server Status

Live Demo Device List

Model Type URL WAN IP HTTP Port TCP Port User Name Password Serial Number
DSS7016 DSS http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 80 9000 dahua DahuaNA2017 N/A
NVR4104 4 Channel NVR http://9002a9b9cf63.quickddns.com:90 9002a9b9cf63.quickddns.com 90 37777 dahua DNA761 PFA4FZ061W27C8T
EBW81200 12MP Fisheye Camera http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:1027 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 1027 1026 DNA DNA2017 YZC4KZ078W00018
HDW44A1MN-I Eyeball IVS Camera http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:3000 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 3000 3001 DNA DNA2017 1G001B9PAW00004
PFW8601 Multisensor Camera http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:4000 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 4000 4001 DNA DNA2017 2J0532EPAG00037
SD6ALA230-HNI Laser PTZ http://3CEF8CA8A132.DahuaDDNS.com:9005 3CEF8CA8A132.DahuaDDNS.com 9005 9002 DNA DNA2017 2F01685AAN00005
6C430UNI PTZ http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:4500 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 4500 4501 DNA DahuaNA2017 2J0082APAN00004
NVR4104HS-S2 Wireless NVR http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:7000 4C11BF6F7D0A.dahuaddns.com 7000 7001 DNA DNA2017 2G029EBPAZU0927
NVR42A16-16P 16 Channel NVR http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:7002 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 7002 7003 DNA DahuaNA2017 2C033D2PAYW79QT
NVR54A16-16P-4KS2 16 Channel NVR http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:7004 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 7004 7005 DNA DNA2017 2G01682PAM00003
C52A3N 4MP HCVR http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:7006 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 7006 7007 DNA DahuaNA2017 2G02D43YAZP6389
NK8BA4 H.265 4K IP Camera (People Counting) http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:1337 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 1337 1338 DNA DahuaNA2017 2L025E6PAG00002
N25BB5Z-1 H.264+/H.265+ IP Camera http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:2500 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 2500 2501 DNA DNA2017 2L06F58GBP00014
N25BB5Z-2 H.264+/H.265+ IP Camera http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:2600 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 2600 2601 DNA DNA2017 2L06F58GBP00015
HDBW11A0-W Wireless IP Camera http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:2700 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 2700 2701 DNA DNA2017 2H01383PAG00021
IPC-HFW83A1E-Z IP Camera http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:50000 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 50000 5001 DNA DNA2017 2G01692PAW00029
NVR60A8-64-S2 NVR http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:6000 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 6000 6001 DNA DNA2017 1A02917AA800036
VTO2111D-WP Video Intercom http://4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com:8800 4C11BFAA17C7.dahuaddns.com 8800 8801 DNA DahuaNA2017 3F03E20PAN00078

H.264 vs. Smart H.264+ vs. H.265 vs. Smart H.265+ Live Demo

  • PLEASE NOTE: You cannot use Smart H.264+ or Smart H.265+ on SubStream 1 or SubStream2

Main Stream Information

Channel Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4
Main Stream Codec H.264 Smart H.264+ H.265 Smart H.265+
Main Stream Resolution 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P
Main Stream Kbps 8192kbps 8192kbps 8192kbps 8192kbps
Main Stream Bit Rate VBR VBR VBR VBR
Main Stream FPS 20FPS 20FPS 20FPS 20FPS

Sub Stream Information

Sub Stream Codec H.264 H.264 H.265 H.265
Sub Stream Resolution D1 D1 D1 D1
Sub Stream Kbps 1024kbps 1024kbps 1024kbps 1024kbps
Sub Stream Bit Rate VBR VBR VBR VBR
Sub Stream FPS 20FPS 20FPS 20FPS 20FPS

System Information

Model Type URL WAN IP HTTP Port TCP Port User Name Password Serial Number
NVR54A16-16P-4KS2 16 Channel NVR http://4C11BF6F7D0A.dahuaddns.com:7004 4C11BF6F7D0A.dahuaddns.com 7004 7005 DNA DNA2017 2G01682PAM00003