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Basic Setup

Device Initialization Device Initialization
Change User & Password Change User Name or Password
Date & Time How to Set Date and Time
Quick Start Guide NVR Quick Start Guide
Initial Setup Initial Setup
Model & Serial How to Identify Device Model and Serial Number
Add Cameras
Physical Connection How to Physically Connect IP Camera to NVR
Add Dahua Camera Add Dahua IP Camera to NVR
Set IP How to set IP address of IP cameras
Smart Add Smart Add
Add 3rd Party Camera Add 3rd Party IP Camera to NVR
Wifi Camera How to Connect a WiFi Camera to NVR
Wifi Camera How to Connect a WiFi Camera to NVR ADVANCED
Wifi Camera How to Connect a Wifi Camera to Wireless Router and Wired NVR
Menu NVR Menu Explanation
Navigation Bar NVR Navigation Bar
Live Feed Live Feed Icons
Preview Preview Control Interface
Right Click Menu Right Click Menu
Dual Display Dual HDMI Setup
Video Matrix and Spot Out Video Matrix and Spot Out
Additional Info
Format HDD How to Format HDD
Recording Resolution Recording Resolution Explanation
Compatible HDDs Compatible_HDDs
Storage Network Storage Explanation