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USA Market NVRs

Name Rule

New NVR naming rule.pngNew NVR LP naming rule.JPGOld NVR LP naming rule.JPGNew NVR SU naming rule.JPGOld NVR SU naming rule.JPG


Ultra Features

  • NVR700 Series, 600-4K Series
  • Up to 256ch, 512M input
  • High system stability: N+M
  • Disk Array
  • Storage expansion
  • Redundant power optional
  • Intel Based Architecture
  • Intelligent video system

Ultra NVRs


Pro Features

  • 5000-4K Series
  • All Channel 1080P Decoding
  • 320M Input, up to 4K support
  • P2P Ready
  • POE
  • Fisheye Dewarping

Pro NVRs


Lite Features

  • 4000 Series
  • Cost Effective
  • 200M input, up to 5M support
  • P2P Ready
  • POE

Lite NVRs


Wifi Features

  • Wireless Access
  • Supports Dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Operation

Wifi NVRs