3rd Party Hardware/FireTV/View Camera Feeds via TinyCam

View Camera Feeds via TinyCam Monitor



Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Firestick Setup Part 1

1. Under, Settings -> Device -> Developer Options, enable, "ADB Debugging" and, "Apps from Unknown Sources" on your FireTV.

FireTV Setup tinyCam1.png

Android Device Setup Part 1

2. On your Android device, download and install the following from the Google Play Store:

FireTV Setup tinyCam2.png

3. Launch, "Apps2Fire" on your Android device.

FireTV Setup tinyCam3.png

4. On the upper bar, scroll from right to left until you get to, "Setup"

FireTV Setup tinyCam4.png => FireTV Setup tinyCam5.png

5. Click, "Search Fire TV's" and wait a few moment.

FireTV Setup tinyCam6.png

6. Once the Firestick is populated in the lower list, click the IP address to populate the upper box, and then, "Save"

FireTV Setup tinyCam8.png => FireTV Setup tinyCam9.png

7. On the upper bar, scroll left to right until you get to, "Local Apps"

FireTV Setup tinyCam10.png => FireTV Setup tinyCam11.png

8. Scroll down until you see, "tinyCam FREE" or "tinyCam Pro" Click on TinyCam to bring up a dialogue box.

FireTV Setup tinyCam12.png

9. Click, "Install"

FireTV Setup tinyCam13.png => FireTV Setup tinyCam14.png => FireTV Setup tinyCam15.png

Firestick Setup Part 2

10. On the FireTV, go to, "Your Apps & Games" and scroll all the way to the right and click, "See All"

FireTV Setup tinyCam16.png

11. Locate the TinyCam application, and launch it.

FireTV Setup tinyCam17.png

12. Click, "Add IP Camera, NVR/DVR"

FireTV Setup tinyCam18.png

13. Input the following:

  • Camera Brand = ONVIF (Scroll all the way to the top of the list)
  • Camera Model = Profile S

FireTV Setup tinyCam19.png

  • Hostname/IP Address = Your Dahua device's IP address
  • ONVIF Port Number = 80
  • Protocol = RTSP over TCP (MPEG/H264/H265)
  • RTSP Port Number = 554
  • Use HTTPS = Unchecked

FireTV Setup tinyCam20.png

  • Username = ONVIF User Credentials, usually "admin"
  • Password = ONVIF password for Dahua device.

FireTV Setup tinyCam21.png

14. Scroll back up to the top. The, "Camera Status" should indicate, "OK"

FireTV Setup tinyCam22.png

15. Click, "Camera Status" to test the video feed. If the video feed appears, you have successfully added the device.

FireTV Setup tinyCam23.png

16. You should now be able to go back, and view your camera feed.

FireTV Setup tinyCam24.png