CMS/DSS/Mobile Client Setup DSS Mobile

How to Access DSS from Mobile

Using Android Device


  • Device that supports Android 3.2 or later, or iOS 7.0 or later
  • A local area connection or 3g or better cellular connection
  • Credentials to the DSS:
  a. IP address (internal or external) and corresponding port address
  b. Login username and password
Installing the App

1. Begin by launching Google Play Store or iTunes App Store


2. Search "DSS Mobile" and select the app pictured below:


3. Select install and or Accept


4. Once the App has downloaded and installed please open the app


5. Once the app has launched swipe to the end of the tutorial and select start


6. You will now be prompted to enter your IP address and corresponding port address, after entered select save


7. Now you will enter your username and password to enter the DSS


8. Once you have logged in now you can setup a live view by selecting the + sign on one of the windows


9. You will now see the organisation groups that have been setup in the DSS, select the camera you want to view


10. You should now see a live feed on the screen, double tap the small window to maximize the screen


11. If you are using a PTZ enabled camera you can select the dial in the lower left hand corner and then swipe the screen to pan and tilt, the zoom functions should pop up below the live view.