Cyber Security/MAC Authentication

How to Identify Device's MAC Address and Set Up IP Filter


This article will show you how to find the MAC address on a PC and Android device. You will find two sections explaining each one step by step, and a third section explaining how to setup a White list or Black list using the IP Filter function. The purpose of this feature on your NVR is to block unwanted incoming traffic via the device's MAC address, which is unique to that device. You can harden the security measures taken on your device by only allowing specified devices, or by blocking specified devices.


  • PC computer or Android device
  • Networked Camera or Networked Recorder

Video Instructions

Finding MAC address on Android

Step by Step Instructions

1. Unlock the phone and navigate to the icon for your phone's settings. This icon is usually in the application drawer.


2. Once in the Settings menu, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.


Select About phone


3. Then select Status.


4. In the Status page you will find the Wi-Fi MAC address. This address is unique to this device and will be needed for future use.


Finding MAC address on PC

Step by Step Instructions

1. Press the start or windows key on the keyboard (between the Ctrl and Alt keys), simply type "run" and the press the enter key.


2. Once the run prompt is open type in "cmd" and press enter or click OK.


3. Once the command prompt is open type in "ipconfig /all" and press enter to run this command. This command is a great tool to find out how your computer is configured on the network. Today we will be using it to find the MAC address.


4. This command will give you all the information on all the Network Interface devices you have set up on your computer, including VPNs. If you are connected through Ethernet make sure you select the correct card, and the same goes for wireless. If you are unsure about this, you might want to just add them all, along with your other devices.


Finding MAC address on a Dahua Device

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log in to the device, and then navigate to SETUP->NETWORK->IP FILTER.


2. Make sure you have selected the Trusted Sites tab and circle. Select the Add button and drop down IP Address and select MAC Address.


3. *BE CAREFUL* Enter the correct MAC Address, otherwise you can lock yourself out of the device and will have to hard reset the device if the option is present. After you are 100% certain this is the MAC address of this adapter select OK. At this point you might also want to add more MAC addresses from other devices to your trusted sites, in the event that one of them might not be the correct MAC address.


4. Once the correct MAC addresses have been entered you now should select the Enable checkbox and then select OK to initiate the Trusted sites (or white list). If there are unauthorized MAC addresses contacting this device you can also use the Blocked Sites tab and circle to block MAC and other addresses.