IP Camera Features


This series NVR is a high performance network video recorder. This series product support local preview, multiple-window display, recorded file local storage, remote control and mouse shortcut menu operation, and remote management and control function.

This series product supports centre storage, front-end storage and client-end storage. The monitor zone in the front-end can be set in anywhere. Working with other front-end devices such as IPC, NVS, this series product can establish a strong surveillance network via the CMS. In the network system, there is only one network cable from the monitor centre to the monitor zone in the whole network. There is no audio/video cable from the monitor centre to the monitor zone. The whole project is featuring of simple connection, low-cost, low maintenance work.

This series NVR can be widely used in many areas such as public security, water conservancy, transportation and education.

Real-time Surveillance

  • VGA, HDMI port. Connect to monitor to realize real-time surveillance. Some series support TV/VGA/HDMI output at the same time.
  • Short-cut menu when preview.
  • Support popular PTZ decoder control protocols. Support preset, tour and pattern.


  • Support each channel real-time record independently, and at the same time it can support search, forward play, network monitor, record search, download and etc.
  • Support various playback modes: slow play, fast play, backward play and frame by frame play.
  • Support time title overlay so that you can view event accurate occurred time
  • Support specified zone enlargement.

User Management


  • Each group has different management powers that can be edited freely. Every user belongs to an exclusive group.


  • Via corresponding setup (such as alarm setup and schedule setup), you can backup related audio/video data in the network video recorder.
  • Support Web record and record local video and storage the file in the client end.


  • Respond to external alarm simultaneously (within 200MS), based on user’s pre-defined relay setup, system can process the alarm input correctly and prompt user by screen and voice (support pre-recorded audio).
  • Support central alarm server setup, so that alarm information can remotely notify user automatically. Alarm input can be derived from various connected peripheral devices.
  • Alert you via email/sms.

Network Monitor

  • Through network, sending audio/video data compressed by IPC or NVS to client-ends, then the data will be decompressed and display.
  • Support max 128 connections at the same time.
  • Transmit audio/video data by HTTP, TCP, UDP, MULTICAST, RTP/RTCP and etc.
  • Transmit some alarm data or alarm info by SNMP.
  • Support WEB access in WAN/LAN.

Window Split

  • Adopt the video compression and digital process to show several windows in one monitor. Support 1/4/8/9/16/ 25/36-window display when preview and 1/4/9/16-window display when playback.


  • Support normal/motion detect/alarm record function. Save the recorded files in the HDD, USB device, client-end PC, or network storage server. You can search or playback the saved files at the local-end or via the Web/USB device.


  • Support network backup, USB2.0 record backup function, the recorded files can be saved in network storage server, peripheral USB2.0 device, burner and etc.

Network Management

  • Supervise NVR configuration and control power via Ethernet.
  • Support management via WEB.

Peripheral Equipment Management

  • Support peripheral equipment management such as protocol setup and port connection.
  • Support transparent data transmission such as RS232 (RS-422), RS485 (RS-485).


  • Support switch between NTSC and PAL.
  • Support real-time system resources information and running statistics display.
  • Support log file.
  • Local GUI output. Shortcut menu operation via mouse.
  • IR control function (For some series product only.). Shortcut menu operation via remote control.
  • Support IPC or NVS remote video preview and control.