LincX2PRO/Voice Command Alexa

Voice Command - Amazon Alexa


Alexa integration is no longer supported by LincX2Pro devices


Compatible Amazon Devices

Product Image
Echo Dot
Echo Show Alexa Echo Show.png
Echo Spot Alexa Echo Spot.png
Fire Tablets Alexa Fire Tablet.png
Fire TV Cube Alexa Fire TV-Cube.png
Fire TV Stick Alexa Fire TV Stick.png
Fire TV Edition Smart TVs Alexa Fire TV Edition Smart TV.png

Voice Commands

  • Alexa, show me [camera name or channel number].
  • Alexa, show me the last activity at [camera name or channel number].
  • Alexa, turn on / off [deterrence camera name] light.
  • Alexa, turn on / off [deterrence camera name] siren.
  • Alexa, stop / go back / go home.
 1.Users should not turn on the video encryption, otherwise Alexa will not be able to get the stream.
 2.Here for example, you can name your camera to its location, such as ""Front Door"

Video Instruction

Step by Step Instruction

To add your Dahua device using the Amazon Alexa app:

1. Launch your Amazon Alexa app.

2. Tap on the Menu icon. Then go to Skills & Games.

Alexa Home.png

Alexa Menu.png

3. Tap on the Search icon.

Alexa Skills And Games.png

4. Type DMSS and then tap on Search on your phone keyboard.

Alexa Skills And Games Search.png

5. Once it found it, then tap on the app.

Alexa Skills And Games DMSS.png

6. Tap the DMSS skill, then tap ENABLE TO USE.

Alexa Skills And Games Enable.png

7. Verify your DMSS (Dahua Online) account by entering the email address and password used for the DMSS app, then tap Sign in.

Note: this is the same credential as the one you use in iDMSS/gDMSS or DMSS app to locate your LincX2Pro device. 

Alexa DMSS Login.png

8. Tap Authorize.

Alexa DMSS Authorization.png

9. Once your DMSS (Dahua Online) account has been authorized, exit the current screen.

Alexa DMSS Authorization Completed.png


Alexa DMSS Search Device.png

11. The Alexa App will now begin searching.

Alexa DMSS Searching.png

12. When discovery is finished, tap CHOOSE DEVICE to select individual channels and tap SET UP DEVICE to set preferences per channel.

Alexa DMSS Device Found.png

13. You are now ready to use Alexa to control your Dahua Security Camera.

Alexa DMSS Choose Device.png