Access Control/Door Controller Setup

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Door Controller Setup


This article will go over the basics of setting up Users and Access Rights for the Four Door Controller

There's two steps involved in the this process

  • Creating a User
  • Creating Door Lists to grant access to the users

In this example we used the DHI-ASC1204B four door controller with four of our Dahua card readers, and a generic Mifare 13.56MHz key fob


  • DHI-ASC1204B or DHI-ASC1204C
  • Card Readers
  • SmartPSS v2.02
  • Mifare IC Cards 13.56MHz

Step by Step Instructions

Step One: Adding the Four Door Controller to SmartPSS and Creating a User
  • We need to add the Controller to SmartPSS so open SmartPSS and click on "Add"


  • By default the controller will have an IP Address of, username:admin, password:123456. We changed the default with Configtool to get it on the network


  • Open a new tab by clicking on the "+" icon at the top bar and go to "Access"


  • You should now see the active doors, We need to create a User so click on the "User" tab.


  • Click on the Manual Add icon and a pop-up window will come up


  • Input the information you want on the user, now select drop-down menu


  • You can use one of the reader to enroll a card so select the reader you'd like to use


  • The box says "Card Reader not ready" but it's okay just scan the card and the number should populate on the box


  • As you can see the number populated and you may also input an unlock code if your reader has a number pad


Step Two: Creating a door list and granting access to users
  • Go to the Access Control tab and click on "Access Level"


  • Click on "Add" and select the doors you want on the list, save it when you're done


  • You should now see the door list populate on the left, click on the "user" icon and a pop-up window will come up, select the department where the user is under


  • The user will come up and click on the check box, the user will now be added to the door list. Click on "Save"


  • Wait for the rights to transfer to the controller


  • User now has access to open the doors