Access Control/How To Default Access Control

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How to default access controller unit


This article to show you how to default the access controller unit to factory settings.


1. ACS Config Tool.

Click Here To Download ASC Config Tool.

2. Computer that connected to the same network as Access Controller

Step by Step Instruction

Option 1: Using ACS Config Tool

1. Launch ACS Configtool.

ASC1204 Time Sync 1.png

2. Click on Search Settings, and then enter the password of access controller. Click Ok.

ASC1204 Time Sync 2.png

ASC1204 Time Sync 3.png

3. Go to System Settings.

ASC1204 Time Sync 4.png

4. Select the device by putting the checkmark on the device IP address.

ASC1204 Time Sync 5.png

5. Click on Restore menu tab.

ASC1204 Restore.png

6. Click on Default. The controller will beep and perform the hard reset.

ASC1204 Default.png

  Note: Using Option 1, the IP address of controller will not be reset. Only the door permission and access control log that will be removed. 

Option 2: hard reset using DIP switch

ASC1204B Reset.jpg

Your access controller is now set to factory default settings.

IP Address:             Username: admin                Password: 123456