Access Control/How to Change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S

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This article will go over changing the IP address to our DHI-ASC2204C-S

Due to security of the system you will need to connect a PC/laptop directly to the DHI-ASC2204C-S in order for this process to go smoothly

NOTE: DHI-ASC2204C-S's default Information is for older Firmware
username: admin
password: admin123


  • Laptop/PC directly connected to the DHI-ASC2204C-S
  • Configtool

Step by Step Instructions

1. First make sure your laptop/PC is under the same subnet as the controller.

How to change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S-1.png

2. Open Configtool and click on Search Setting

How to change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S-2.png

3. Check Other Segment Search and enter the subnet the Controller is on. You will also need to enter the Controller's default credentials to be able to make any changes. Click on OK when finished

How to change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S-3.png

4. The device list will refresh, then click on Edit

How to change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S-4.png

5. Enter the desired IP then click on OK

How to change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S-5.png

6. You will see a green check mark when successfully changed. You will also hear an audible indicator from the controller.

How to change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S-6.png

7. You may now refresh to double check the IP changed

How to change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S-7.png

Common Issues

  • If configtool fails to modify the password and give the error: Unknown error, code: 0x80000207 (from warning triangle icon), please modify the password under "Search Setting" to match the access control and try again.

Failed to Modify IP Address in Access Control.png