Access Control/How to Initialize DHI ASC2204C-S with Configtool

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This article will go over the initialization of the DHI-ASC2204C-S

Due to security of the system you will need to connect a PC/laptop directly to the DHI-ASC2204C-S in order for this process to go smoothly


  • Laptop/PC directly connected to the DHI-ASC2204C-S
  • Configtool

Step by Step Instructions

1. First make sure your laptop/PC is under the same subnet as the controller.

How to change IP Address to DHI-ASC2204C-S-1.png

2. Check the ASC2204C and click on Initialize

How to Initialize DHI-ASC2204C-S-1.png

3. Click on Initialize again to continue

How to Initialize DHI-ASC2204C-S-2.png

4. Enter a password and confirm it. The click on Next to proceed

How to Initialize DHI-ASC2204C-S-3.png

5. Allow the initialization to complete then click on Finish

How to Initialize DHI-ASC2204C-S-4.png

6. DHI-ASC2204C-S is now initialized

How to Initialize DHI-ASC2204C-S-5.png