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Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware
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  • Wiegand26/34 bits RS-485 protocol
  • 13.56MHz(Mifare)
  • 125KHz(EM-ID)
  • Red and Green LEDs
  • Sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight
  • Watch dog function ensure device free from halting
  • Beep Buzzer and LED indicator
  • Surface mounted installation

Wire Diagram

Cable Color Cable Name Description
Black Wire black.svg RD– Negative electrode of external card reader.
Red Wire red.svg RD+ Positive electrode of external card reader.
Blue Wire blue.svg CASE Tamper alarm input of the external card reader.
White Wire white.svg D1 Wiegand D1 input
Green Wire green.svg D0 Wiegand D0 input
Brown Wire brown.svg LED Connected to external reader indicator in
Yellow Wire yellow.svg B RS-485 negative electrode input
Purple Wire purple.png A RS-485 positive electrode input