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How to Add MNVR


This is a guide for how to add a MNVR to DSS without port forwarding.


  • DSS Server
  • Internet access
  • MNVR with activated SIM card

Step by Step Guide

1. Login to the MNVR, under Setting > Network > Register enable the function and enter the external IP address of the DSS server and a Sub-Device ID.
DSS mobile0.PNG

2. Login to the DSS server and from the main page go to Device to begin adding devices.
DSS mobile1.PNG

3. Under the device menu, use the + Add option to begin adding a device.
DSS mobile2.PNG

4. In the setup window that appears fill in the required information. Under Add Type make sure to select Auto Register, for Registration ID enter the Sub-Device ID that was assigned to the MNVR.

5. Once the set up is complete the initial connection will take several minutes to establish. If the MNVR does not show as online within 10 minutes review the information and make sure that everything has been input correctly.
DSS mobile5.PNG