DMSS/Add Dahua Device via P2P

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Add Dahua Device via P2P


This tutorial demonstrate how to add Dahua device via P2P


  • Devices already initialized
  • Bring up the QR code via local monitor or web interface

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Get the serial number of the recorder by accessing Settings > Network > P2P > Ensure P2P is enable and take note of the serial number shown.

1. Scan QR code or Copy Serial Number - DMSS.png

2. Tap the + sign on the app and select SN/Scan.

2. SN Scan - DMSS.png

3. The app may prompt a message for granting access to the camera scan the QR.

3. Permission to Access Phone Camera - DMSS.png

4. QR scanning is an option or the serial number can be done manually.

4. Manually Enter SN - DMSS.png

5. Input the serial number and tap Next.

5. Type in SN - DMSS.png

6. Choose NVR

6. Choose NVR for the Recorder - DMSS.png

7. Input the information and tap Save.

7. Input Information and Save - DMSS.png

8. Confirm the timezone and DST if necessary.

8. Configure TimeZone and DST - DMSS.png

9. After the device is added successfully, the live view will be displayed.

9. Live View - DMSS.png