DMSS/Create Dahua Cloud Account

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Create Dahua Cloud Account


This guide will show to to create a Dahua Cloud Account in DMSS Mobile App.


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch your DMSS App, and select Me.

2. Select Log In Now.

DMSS LincX2Pro Login.png

3. Select Sign Up

Create Dahua Online Account - DMSS - 1.jpg

4. Enter a email address and enter a password for the account.

Check the User Service Agreement at the bottom of the screen.

Then select Get verification code.

Create Dahua Online Account - DMSS - 2.jpg

A verification code will be sent via email to the provided address.

Create Dahua Online Account - DMSS - 3.jpg

5. Enter the verification code then select OK.

Create Dahua Online Account - DMSS - 4.jpg

6. A prompt will confirm a successful registration.

You can now log into the account with the email and password.