DMSS/Push Notifications Setup

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Push Notifications Setup


This guide will show how to enable push notification in DMSS Mobile App.


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Enable notifications for alarm events

1. Launch DMSS Mobile App.

2. Tap on DMSS Icon Live Home.png Home to access your added device list.

3. Select one of your added device that you wish to setup for notification. Tap on ... icon.

DMSS Share Device 2.jpg

4. Tap on Device Details.

DMSS Share Device 2-1.jpg

5. Tap on Notification.

DMSS Notification 5.jpg

6. In order to get app notification, you will need to make sure that the toggle is ON (in Blue).

DMSS Notification 6.jpg

7. You will also need to make sure that your App notification is enable. Tap on GDMSS Plus 2019 Me.pngMe and then General.

DMSS Notification 7.jpg

DMSS Notification 7 2.jpg

Create a schedule for push notifications

8. You can also set the period of time on receiving this app notification.

DMSS Notification 8.jpg

9. You will now can receive notification when event triggered. You can tap on DMSS Icon Live Message.png Message to see all events.

DMSS Notification 9.jpg

Note: If you have completed all the steps above and still not able to receive notification, you might need to check notification permission on your mobile phone.