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DSS: Digital Surveillance System

DSS Products


Models Image Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware Individual HDD Capacity HDD Drives EOL
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 DSS7016D.jpg
8TB 16 No
DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS4004.png
8TB 4 No


Models Specifications Manual
DSS Express

Mobile App

App Icon Android iOS Description
DSS Mobile 2 DSS Mobile2 Icon.jpg
View Live Feed and Playback via Mobile Device


  • Multi-device, multi-channel real time monitoring and record playback
  • E-map function allows user to position the device at any time.
  • Bidirectional talk allows client to communicate with front-end device and broadcast.
  • Easy management over wall display with synchronous display.
  • Customize monitoring plan and supports multi-channel/window video tour.
  • Alarm activation with alarm video
  • Mouse simulating rocker to control PTZ
  • Easy search of video with mark function
  • Local snapshot
  • Behavior analysis, face recognition, smart track and people count.

  • DSS-B: Apply to basic video surveillance system, like shops, factory .Including monitoring, playback, Intelligent.
  • DSS-M: In addition to the basic functions ,such as real-time monitoring, playback , E-map. DSSM also enhances its user-experience on the operation of GPS positioning, electric-Fence, track of vehicle, various reports and etc.
  • DSS-T: Apply to Intelligence Transportation System, Support Red Light Enforcement , ANPR, Radar Speed Enforcement and etc.
  • DSS-H: Apply to intelligent building, like Plaza, Shopping Mall, Hotels, parking lot. including video surveillance, access control, alarm, video intercom and intelligent parking lot together.

Port Server Function
<LAN IP Address> IP Address Sets the address of DSS platform.
80 Web Service Port Default WEB service port is 80, it needs to use IP: Port to access WEB if it is not 80. For example, port 81; enter to access config system.
<WAN IP Address> Router Address Sets WAN access IP address of router
9000 CMS Manage other server registration and signal deployment
9320 SS Responsible for record storage and record search and playback
9500 ARS Responsible to auto register device listening, login and get and 9500 forward stream to MTS
61616 MQ MQ service, which is responsible for information interaction, it is 61616 by default.
9200 DMS Responsible to login front encoder, receive alarm, forward alarm, send alarm and send calibration command
9600 ADS Response to send alarm info to different objects according to different schemes
9090 MGW Media gateway, which is responsible for sending MTS address to decoding device, it is 9090 by default.
801 WEB Web application service, responsible for administrator config, providing web service interface, providing client embedded function, it is 801 by default.
9100 MTS Responsible to get A/V stream from front device and forward to SS, client and decoding device.
9400 PES Power environment surveillance service, which is responsible for managing MCD (including POS, alarm host, radar, access control and so on), it is 9400 by default.
8081 PTS Picture transmission service, which is responsible for receiving, storing and forwarding ANPR pictures, it is 8081 by default.

Interfaces and Default Credentials

Image URL User Password
2019-05-17 8-25-54.png N/A Establish Through Manager Portal Establish Through Manager Portal

Image URL User Password
2019-05-17 8-22-13.png http://<IP>/config admin 123456

NOTE: This interface is only available on DSS4004, DSS7016, and DSS7016-S2

Image URL User Password
2019-05-17 8-22-47.png http://<IP> system 123456

General Instructions

DSS Hardware and Software

DSS4004 & DSS7016


Register Modes Comparison Chart

Models Image IP Address IP Section Domain Name Auto Register P2P ONVIF
DHI-DSS7016DR DSS7016D.jpg
DHI-DSS4004 DSS4004.png
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 DSS7016D.jpg
DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS4004.png
Present but Not Functional
DSS Express S (Stand Alone) DSS Express Live View.png

Supported Devices Comparison Chart

Models Image Encoder Decoder Video Wall Alarm Host IVS A&C Video Talk POS Matrix ANPR Access Control LED Device Video Intercom Emergency
DHI-DSS7016DR DSS7016D.jpg
DHI-DSS4004 DSS4004.png
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 DSS7016D.jpg
DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS4004.png
DSS Express S (Stand Alone) DSS Express Live View.png


DSS7016-S2 Client Interface

DSS Top Bar Icon.png
DSS Express Live View1.png DSS Express Playback.png DSS Express Emap1.png DSS Express Event Center1.png
DSS Express Video Wall.png DSS Express Download Center.png DSS Express Personnel Management.png DSS Express Access Control.png
DSS Attendance Management Icon.png DSS Express Video Intercom.png DSS Express Face Recognition.png DSS Flow Analysis Icon.png
DSS Thermal Icon.png DSS ANPR Icon.png DSS Object Detection Icon.png DSS Entrance Icon.png

User Portal

DSS-S2 User Portal Top Bar.png
Business Configuration
DSS-S2 User Portal Device.png
DSS-S2 User Portal User.png
DSS-S2 User Portal Organization.png
DSS-S2 User Portal Event.png
DSS-S2 User Portal Storage.png
DSS-S2 User Portal Video Wall.png
Video Wall
DSS-S2 User Portal Map.png
DSS-S2 User Portal Face Database.png
Face Database
DSS-S2 User Portal Vehicle Blacklist.png
Vehicle Blacklist
DSS-S2 User Portal Video Intercom Management.png
Video Intercom Management
System Maintenance
DSS-S2 User Portal System.png
DSS-S2 User Portal Server Manager.png
Server Management
DSS-S2 User Portal Backup Restore.png
Backup and Restore
DSS-S2 User Portal Log.png
DSS-S2 User Portal Overview.png
DSS-S2 User Portal Domain.png

Manager Portal

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Top Bar.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Quick Guide.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Segment Setup.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Segment Setup TCP IP.png
DSS Management TCP IP Page.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Basic.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Basic Manage Account.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Basic Maintenance.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Basic Time Setup.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Basic Route Setup.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Basic Ping Check.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Basic URL Detect.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Basic Log.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Security Setup.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Security Setup SSH.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Security Setup HTTPS Setting.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Self Check.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal System Upgrade.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Advanced Setting.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Advanced Setting Distribute Config.png

DSS-S2 Manager Portal Advanced Setting Hot Spare.png

EOL DSS Hardware Product

Models Image Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware Individual HDD Capacity HDD Drives EOL
DHI-DSS7016DR DSS7016D.jpg
8TB 16 Yes