DSS/V8/DSS Express/Instruction/Channel Features

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This guide will show how to configure advanced features for channels, important such as for devices with features such as Intelligent Alarms such as Face Detection or ANPR cameras.


  • DSS Express V8 Server and Client
  • Device(s) connected to the network, added to DSS Express

Step by Step Instructions

1.Login to DSS Express Client and then go to Configurations > Device menu.

From Home Select the Configuration menu

DSS Express V8 Home Configuration.jpg

2. Click on Device.

DSS Express V8 Home Device.jpg

3. Click the Btn draw dis.png next to the device/channel to modify the features for

DSS Pro V8 - Channel Features Selection - 1.jpg

4. Select Video Channel

Click the dropdown box under Features then click to select the features to enable for this channel, for example Intelligent Alarm

DSS Pro V8 - Channel Features Selection - 2.jpg

Click OK to save