DSS Express

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DSS Express


Function DSS Express S USA
Cost Free
IP Cameras 256
Local Recording No
Facial Recognition Cameras 2
ANPR Cameras 2
Access Control Controllers & Door 100/512
Intercom 512
Install Server & Client on Separate PC's? No

Name Icon DSS Pro DSS Express
Live View DSS Express Live View.png
Playback DSS Express Device Playback.png
Emap DSS Express Emap.png
Event Center DSS Express Event Center.png
Video Wall DSS Express Device Videowall.png
Download Center DSS Express Access Download Center.png
Personnel Management DSS Express Device Personnel Management.png
Access Control DSS Express Access Control Icon.png
ANPR DSS Express ANPR.png

  • Windows based server
  • Remote access for Windows, iOS, and Android
  • DSS Mobile for Android: Link to Google Play Store
  • DSS Mobile for iOS: Link to Apple Store
  • Record download supports many formats: dav, avi, mp4, flv and asf.

User Name Password
system 123456

Port Server Function
9000 CMS Manage other server registration and signal deployment
9200 DMS Responsible to login front encoder, receive alarm, forward alarm, send alarm and send calibration command
9100 MTS Responsible to get A/V stream from front device and forward to SS, client and decoding device.
9320 SS Responsible for record storage and record search and playback
9500 ARS Responsible to auto register device listening, login and get and 9500 forward stream to MTS
9700 ASC Responsible to resolve alarm scheme into ADS and some APP
9600 ADS Response to send alarm info to different objects according to different schemes
9800 ADP Responsible for cascading of alarm business
9900 VQDS Perform video quality diagnosis, currently diagnosis options on 7016 are:video loss, high brightness, low brightness, contrast, definition, color shift
9400 PES Responsible to manage MCD
8081 PTS
5080 SIP
554 RTP

  • Server: General_OverseasDSS-express_IS_V1.010.12JW000.0.T.20181015.exe
  • Client: General_DSS-Express_S_Client-x64_V1.000.0000001.0.R.20180825.exe

DSS Express Interface

DSS Express Top Bar.png
DSS Express Live View1.png DSS Express Playback.png DSS Express Emap1.png DSS Express Event Center1.png
DSS Express Video Wall.png DSS Express Download Center.png DSS Express Personnel Management.png DSS Express Access Control.png
DSS Attendance Management Icon.png DSS Express Video Intercom.png DSS Express Face Recognition.png DSS Alarm Controller Icon.png
DSS Express Management.png
DSS Express Device.png DSS Express User.png DSS Express Config.png DSS Express Log.png



DSS Express Client Download Page
DSS Server Default Ports


Hardware for Server

CPU E5-2640 v3@2.60GHz 8 Core Processor
Memory 16GB
System Disk 1TB, 500G free for DSS
Ethernet port 4 Ports@1000Mbps

CPU E3-1220 v5@2.60GHz 4 Core Processor
Memory 8GB
System Disk 1TB, 500G free for DSS
Ethernet port 2 Ports@1000Mbps

Hardware for Control Client

CPU Intel Core i5, 64 bits 4 Core Processor
Memory 8GB
Graphics Card NVIDIA® GeForce®GT 730
Hard Drive Capacity 200G free for DSS Control Client
Ethernet port 1000Mbps

CPU Intel Core i3, 64 bits 4 Core Processor
Memory 4GB
Graphics Card Intel® HD Graphics 4400
Hard Drive Capacity 100G free for DSS Control Client
Ethernet port 1000Mbps

Performance Specification

Organization 10 Hierarchies, 999 Organizations per Hierarchy
Role( User Permission) 100
User 200 Online Users and Unlimited Users

Total Device and Camera Channel 500 Devices, 1500 Channels
Dahua 500 Devices, 1500 Channels
Auto-Register 200 Devices, 500 Channels
ONVIF 100 Channels

Video Input per Server 600 Mbps
Video Output per Server 600 Mbps

Playback Bandwidth per Server 100 Mbps
Video Storage Bandwidth per Server 600 Mbps
Maximum Capacity per Storage Server 200TB
Download Task UP to 5 per Client

Number of alarm reception without Pic 80 per Second
Number of alarm reception with Pic 5 per Second

Hierarchy of Raster Map 8 Hierarchies
Hot zone of Raster Map 32 per Hierarchy
Map size of Raster Map Up to 15MB
Channel Number Up to 200(GIS and Raster)