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How To Generate A Dwell Time Report In DSS Client


This article will show you how to generate a Dwell Time Report in DSS Client

The data report is formed by searching dwell time values from supported devices added to DSS that support the Dwell Time feature.


  • DSS
  • Computer connected to the same local network / network segment as the server. The default IP address of the server is
  • Dahua device that supports Dwell Time added to DSS Server

Video Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch and Log in to DSS Client

DSS Client Log In.jpg

2. Click Flow Analysis

People Counting Report - DSS Client - 1.jpg

2. Hover the mouse towards the left side of the screen over the Dwell icon.jpg icon until the menu expands

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 1.jpg

3. Devices that support the Dwell Time feature that have been added to DSS will automatically appear in the Resources tree menu

Check the box next to the device you wish to query Dwell Time data from

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 2.jpg

4. Use the drop down boxes in the lower left of the screen to adjust search parameters

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 3.jpg

Click Search

5. The data will be displayed in the center of the screen

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 4.jpg

6. Hovering over the graph will give more information on the data

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 5.jpg

7. To change the report display type use the icons to choose from Bar or Line Chart

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 6.jpg

Line Chart Example:

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 7.jpg

8. To export the data in PDF form click Export on the right side of the screen

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 8.jpg

9. A window will appear asking where to save the report. Click Save

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 9.jpg

10. A prompt will appear when export is successful

Dwell Report - DSS Client - 10.jpg

Dwell Time Report sample export:

Dwell Time Report.jpg