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How To Add User Role and User In DSS Manager Portal


This article will show you how to create user roles and add users in the DSS Manager Portal.

Organizations allow the user to easier manage multiple devices.

The default first level of organization of the system is Root - any created organizations will be displayed underneath this level.


  • DSS
  • Computer connected to the same local network / network segment as the server. The default IP address of the server is

Video Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

1. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the server. Enter the username/password and click Login

Login Manager Portal - 1.jpg

2. Click +

System Parameters - Manager DSS - 1.jpg

All functional menu will be displayed on the menu interface.


3. Click on Account. and Click on +Add


4. Add role dialogue box will pop up. Enter the Role Name, select Device Rights, Control Rights, and Users.


Note: for device rights or control rights that are not checked, users with this role will have no such corresponding device rights or control rights.

5. Click OK to finish adding the role.