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Camera Video Configuration




Sub Stream Enable

Please check the box here to enable extra stream function. 

This function is enabled by default.

Code-Stream Type

ACF means using different fps to record.

There are two options: VBR and CBR.

Please note you can set video quality in VBR mode.


WEB interfaces don’t support motion detect and alarm code stream setting.

Encode mode

There are five options: H.264 (main profile standard, H.264H (high profile standard), H.264B (Baseline Profile), H.265 (main profile standard) and MJPG encode.

  • The H.264, H.264H both are H264 bit stream. H.264 is the Main Profile encode and you need to enable the sub stream function in your camera and set the resolution as CIF. Then you can monitor via the Blackberry cell phone.
  • The H.265 is the main profile encode mode.
  • MJPEG: In this encode mode, the video needs to large bit stream to guarantee the video definition. You can use the max bit stream value in the recommend bit to get the better video output effect.


There are multiple resolutions. You can select from the dropdown list.

For each resolution, the recommended bit stream value is different.

Note: When video is under rotating status, you cannot set resolution higher than 1080P (excluding 1080P).

Frame Rate (FPS)

PAL: 1~25f/s,1-50f/s  NTSC: 1~30f/s or 1~60f/s.

The frame rate may vary due to different resolutions.

Bit Rate Type

There are two options: VBR and CBR.

Please note, you can set video quality in VBR mode.

Under MJPEG mode, only CBR is available.

Recommended Bit

Recommended bit rate value according to the resolution and frame rate you have set.

Bit Rate

  • In CBR, the bit rate here is the max value. In dynamic video, system needs to low frame rate or video quality to guarantee the value.
  • The value is null in VBR mode.
  • Please refer to recommend bit rate for the detailed information.


Frame rate can be encoded by layer. It is a flexible encoding method. By default, it is 1 as 1 layer. You also can set 2/3/4 layers.

I Frame

Here you can set the P frame amount between two I frames. The value ranges from 1 to 150.  Default value is 50.

Recommended value is frame rate *2.

Watermark Settings

By calibrating watermark, to see if video is modified. Select Watermark function. Default watermark is Digital CCTV.

Watermark character can only be number, letter, _, - within 128 characters.