Mobile/Easy4IP Mobile Playback

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How to Playback Video via Easy4IP Mobile Application


Follow the instructions below to access Playback Video via Easy4IP Mobile Application.


  • Device connected to the internet with P2P enabled
  • Smartphone with Easy4IP and internet connection
  • Recording on device

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Select the playback at the bottom of the app and select a start time and end time for the playback.


2. Select a date for the playback and press ok.


3. Scroll to the time that you want and press ok. Remember to do the same for end time.


4. Select a NVR for the playback.


5. Select a camera for the playback.


6. Scroll through the playback to select where you would like to see for the playback. Tap the bottom two selection to save to Local Files.