Troubleshoot/NVR/PTZ Troubleshoot

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PTZ Troubleshoot

Please Note: IP and HD-CVI PTZs do not require an RS485 cable. Controls are sent over the RG59 or CAT5 cable.

  • Front panel PTZ error
  • PTZ decoder setup, connection or installation is not correct.
  • If using an RS485 Cable, the connection maybe reversed.
  • PTZ setup with the Baud, protocol, and bit rate.
  • PTZ decoder and NVR protocol is not compatible.
  • PTZ decoder and NVR address is not compatible.
  • When there are several decoders, please add 120 Ohm between the PTZ decoder A/B cables furthest end to delete the reverberation or impedance matching. Otherwise the PTZ control is not stable.
  • To enter PTZ menu, right click and select PTZ and select OSD menu.