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1. Set Presets already saved on your camera, If you are unfamiliar with doing this please see our Preset Tutorial '''[[PTZ_Preset_Setup|Here.]]'''
*Dahua HDCVI PTZ Camera
* '''[[PTZ_Preset_Setup|Established Presets on PTZ]]'''
===Step by step instructions From Web Browser===
===Step by step instructions From Web Browser===

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HDCVI Tour Tutorial


How To Create a Tour on your HDCVI PTZ


Step by step instructions From Web Browser

1.Enter your DVR's IP Address in the URL section of your browser

2.Log Into your Recorder with Admin permissions

3.Double Click your PTZ to pull up live view

4.Expand the PTZ Menu by clicking the down arrow


5.Expand the dropdown menu and select Tour


6.Select add to expand the tour setup menu


7.Enter the preset number you wish to add to tour and select add preset


8.Repeat step 7 until you have added all the presets desired to your tour

9.Once complete you can click start to preview your new PTZ tour

Step By Step Instructions From local Monitor

1.Log into your DVR

2.Right click and select PTZ from the drop down menu


3.Click the arrow on the right hand side to expand the menu


4.Click Aux Config from the icon shown below


5.Select Tour

6.Select the preset number you wish to add and select add preset


7.Repeat step six until all preset desired are added to your tour and your tour will now be configured properly.