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Models Image BNC Inputs Maximum HDCVI Resolution Specifications Manual Firmware
DHI-HCVR51A04HE-S3 HCVR51A04HES3.jpg 4 720p
DHI-HCVR51A08HE-S3 HCVR51A04HES3.jpg 8 720p
DHI-HCVR72A04A-S3 HCVR72A04AS3.jpg 4 1080p
DHI-HCVR51A16HE-S3 HCVR51A04HES3.jpg 16 720p
DHI-HCVR52A16AN-S3 HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 16 5MP
DHI-HCVR52A16A-S3 HCVR52A16AS3.jpg 16 5MP
DHI-HCVR72A08A-S3 HCVR72A16AS3.jpg 8 1080p
DHI-HCVR72A16A-S3 HCVR72A16AS3.jpg 16 1080p
DHI-HCVR54A16L-V2 HCVR54A16LV2.jpg 16 720p
DHI-HCVR58A32S-S2 HCVR58A32SS2.jpg 32 Soon
DHI-HCVR74A16L HCVR74A16L.jpg 16 1080p
DHI-HCVR78A16S HCVR78A16S.jpg 16 1080P
C52A1N HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 4 8MP
C52A2N HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 8 8MP
C52A3N HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 16 8MP
X21A1E HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 4 2MP
X21A2E HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 8 2MP
X32A1A HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 4 2MP
X21A3E HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 16 2MP
X22A3N HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 16 2MP
X22A3A HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 16 2MP
X32A2A HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 8 2MP
X24A3L X24A3L.png 16 2MP
X34A2L 8
X32A3A HCVR52A16ANS3.jpg 16 2MP
X24A5L X34A3L.png 32 2MP
X28A5S X58A3S.png 32 2MP
X34A3L X34A3L.png 16 2MP
X38A3S X24A3L.png 16 2MP
DHI-HCVR82A16A-S3 16
DHI-HCVR84A16L-S3 16
DHI-HCVR88A16S-S3 16
X58A3S X58A3S.png 16 8MP
X72A2A X72A2A.png 8 8MP
X51A3E X51A Series.png 16 5MP
X52A3A X52A3A.png 16 5MP
X52A3N X52A3A.png 16 5MP
X72A3A X72A2A.png 16 8MP
X51A1E X51A Series.png 4 5MP
X51A2E X51A Series.png 8 5MP
X54A5L X54A5L.png 32 5MP
X58A5S X58A5S.jpg 32 5MP
X74A3L X74A3L.png 16 8MP
X72B2A X72B2A.png 8 8MP

Models Image Channels Specifications Manual Firmware EOL
DHI-DSS7016DR DSS7016D.jpg 2000 Video Channels
DHI-DSS4004 DSS4004.png 256 Video Channels
DHI-DSS7016DR-S2 DSS7016D.jpg 2000 Video Channels, 512 Connected Cameras
DHI-DSS4004-S2 DSS4004.png 512 Video Channels

Models Image Channels Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware EOL
DHI-EVS7024S-R EVS5016S-R.png 512
DHI-EVS5016S-R EVS5016S-R thumb.png 320

Models Image Channels Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware EOL
IVSS7024DR IVSS7016 Product Image.png
[Firmware URL
IVSS7016DR IVSS7016 Product Image.png
IVSS7008 IVSS7008 Product Image.png

Models Image Channels Specifications Quick Start Guide Manual Firmware EOL
DHI-MCVR5104-GFW MCVR5104 GFW.png 4
[QSG URL] [Manual URL] Yes
DHI-MCVR6208-G MCVR6208.png 8
[QSG URL] [Manual URL] Yes
DHI-NVR0404MF-GFW M12 NVR0404MF.jpg 4
[QSG URL] [Manual URL] Yes
DHI-NVR0404MF-GFW RJ45 NVR0404MF.jpg 4
[QSG URL] [Manual URL] Yes
DHI-NVR0404MF-G M12 NVR0404MF.jpg 4
[QSG URL] [Manual URL] Yes
DHI-NVR0804MF-GFW M12 NVR0804MF.jpg 8
[QSG URL] [Manual URL] Yes
DHI-NVR0804MF-GFW RJ45 NVR0804MF.jpg 8
[QSG URL] [Manual URL] Yes
DHI-NVR0804MF-G M12 NVR0804MF.jpg 8
[QSG URL] [Manual URL] Yes