SMD/Smart Motion Detection

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Smart Motion Detection-SMD

What is SMD?

SMD , referred to as Smart Motion Detection which can analyzes person and vehicle shapes based on motion detection by deep-learning algorithm. and send alarms only when person and vehicle intrudes.

What are the benefits of SMD?

  • False Alarm Filter
  • Quick Target Search
  • Alarm Visualization
  • Real-time Alarm Push

MD vs. SMD

Object Motion Detection Smart Motion Detection
Person Alarm Alarms when Human Detected Only*
Vehicle Alarm Alarms when Vehicle Detected Only*
Pets False Alarm No Alarm
Insects False Alarm No Alarm
Extreme Weather False Alarm No Alarm
Branches & Leaves False Alarm No Alarm
  • Object will be identified when appropriate object filter has been selected.

Quick Target Search

Extract and classify person and vehicles from massive video data, easy for end users to trace historical information and analyze. Person & Vehicle optional for playback to achieve quick target search, saving event retrieval time.