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How To Use Face Detect In SmartPSS


This article will show you how to use the Face Detect feature on a supported device using SmartPSS


Video Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch SmartPSS.

Preset SmartPSS 1.jpg

2. Click Device CFG

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 1.jpg

3. Click to select the device from the device tree on the left

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 2.jpg

4. Click the Event tab

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 3.jpg

5. Click the Intelligent to open IVS Rule Setup

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 4.jpg

6. In the pop up menu that appears, first select the Channel No. you wish to configure then click OK

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 5.jpg

7. On the Smart Plan page, if an existing rule is already setup (highlighted) click it once to de-select

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 6.jpg

Then click to select the Face Detect icon then click Next

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 7.jpg

8.Click the checkbox to Enable the rule. To draw the detection zone for Face Detection click 'Re-draw'

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 8.jpg

9. Left click inside the video frame to draw the detection zone.

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 9.jpg

Once finished Right click to complete the zone

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 10.jpg

10. To set a schedule for the IVS Face Detect Rule click the Config button

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 11.jpg

11. Use the menu to configure a schedule for the IVS rule. By default it will be set to 24/7. Click Save once the schedule has been set.

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 12.jpg

12. Click Save to finish creating the IVS Face Detect rule

Face Detect SmartPSS2 - 13.jpg