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How To Discover A Device In VDPConfig


This guide will show you how to discover a device over a local network using VDPConfig for configuration and management.


Step by Step Instructions

1. Open DahuaToolbox and click Open next to VDPConfig

Upgrade Firmware - VDPConfig - 1.jpg

2. Click the Modify IP icon on the left

Discover Device - VDPConfig - 0.jpg

3. Click 'Search setting' to adjust search parameters

Discover Device - VDPConfig - 0.5.jpg

4. The Search setting window will appear

Discover Device - VDPConfig - 1.jpg

Check the box to search from the computer's current network segment


select 'Other Segment Search" and manually enter an IP range using Start/End IP

Enter the User name and password of the device

Click OK

5. Discovered devices will appear in the window

Discover Device - VDPConfig - 3.jpg

6. To manually add a device click Add in the bottom right of the window

Discover Device - VDPConfig - 4.jpg

7. The Manual Add window will appear

Discover Device - VDPConfig - 5.jpg

Enter all information then click OK to Manually Add a device