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1. Launch DSS Pro Server, and wait until all Servers are on Running status.

2. Click on Open Administrator Client.

DSS Pro Open Administrator Client.jpg

3. When you first login to DSS Pro Web Manager, it will ask you to enter the password for your system.

DSS Pro Web Manager Init1.jpg

4. Setup Security Question answer for Password Reset.

DSS Pro Web Manager Init2.jpg

5. Click on Windows PC icon on the login screen of DSS Pro Web Manager.

DSS Pro Web Manager Client.jpg

6. DSS Pro Client will be downloaded to your computer.

7. Locate the file and run the program.

8. It will prompt user to identify the location of installation folder. Click Install.

DSS Pro Client Install Folder.jpg

9. Once it is successfully installed, click Run.

10. It will ask to select or enter the IP address of your Server which is your computer IP address.

DSS Pro Client Enter IP.jpg

11. Login with username and password that created on Web Manager initialization (step 3).

DSS Pro Client Login.jpg

12. Your DSS Pro Client will be launched.

DSS Pro Client Homepage.jpg