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This article will explain how you can setup the DHI-VTO4202F to call our mobile app DMSS.

IMPORTANT: You will require a customized license firmware in order for this to work. The stock firmware will NOT be able to call DMSS. Please contact your sales representative for more information.


  • DHI-VTO4202F connected to the network and P2P online
  • Custom license Firmware flashed on to the unit
  • DMSS installed on mobile phone

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Login to the VTO's webui

How to make calls to DMSS-1.png

2. Go to the Network settings

How to make calls to DMSS-2.png

3. Be sure that P2P is enabled with the status of "Online"

How to make calls to DMSS-3.png

4. Now navigate over to Household Setting

How to make calls to DMSS-4.png

5. Go to VTH Management

How to make calls to DMSS-5.png

6. We will now be adding a Entry for a room. This will act as a medium to the DMSS. Whenever the room number is called it will also forward the call to DMSS.

How to make calls to DMSS-6.png

7. Assign it a room number and Name to customize the entry. Leave the Registration password defaulted. Click on Save when ready.

How to make calls to DMSS-7.png

8. The Room entry is now created. We need to create a user so go to the Pencil icon.

How to make calls to DMSS-8.png

9. Click on Add User. This user will be the login information you will use to add to DMSS

How to make calls to DMSS-9.png

10. Enter a Username and Password that will be used to login to DMSS.

How to make calls to DMSS-10.png

11. You will now see the user entry. Click on Save.

How to make calls to DMSS-11.png

12. The user is now added. To add to the mobile app you will need to bring up a specialized QR code. This can be pulled by clicking on the Gear icon.

How to make calls to DMSS-12.png

13. Keep this specialized QR code on the screen because we will need to scan it on DMSS.

How to make calls to DMSS-13.png

14. Open DMSS and click on the plus icon on the top right.

How to call to DMSS-14.jpg

15. Select SN/Scan

How to call to DMSS-15.jpg

16. Allow any camera permissions on phone if needed then scan the specialized QR code we pulled up earlier.

How to call to DMSS-16.jpg

17. Be sure to add this device as Local if logged in to a DMSS account. You may encounter errors if added as an Account Device.

How to call to DMSS-17.jpg

18. Enter the username and password that was created in the earlier steps. You should also see the Room Number populate on the bottom. Click on Save

How to call to DMSS-18.jpg

19. The device is now added but we need to Subscribe for notifications and Calls now. Go back to Home

How to call to DMSS-19.jpg

20. Select the three horizontal dots to enter the menu

How to call to DMSS-20.jpg

21. Go to Device Details

How to call to DMSS-21.jpg

22. The to Notification

How to call to DMSS-22.jpg

23. Toggle the Notification button to Onn and click on Save. You should get a Successfully Subscribed prompt.

How to call to DMSS-23.jpg

24. You can now receive calls on DMSS when the room number is called.

How to call to DMSS-24.jpg