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How to Splice One Feed Across Multiple Displays on the Video Wall


  • Dahua Server Capable of Video Wall
  • Multiple Displays connected to Server
  • Completed the Video_Wall_How_To Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

1. Begin by identifying your monitors based on what input they are connected to currently.

For this example we will use the following: 6 Displays, stacked 2x3.

Video Wall
Display 1, Input 2.1 Display 2, Input 2.2
Display 3, Input 2.3 Display 4, Input 2.4
Display 5, Input 1.2 Display 6, Input 1.3


These will correlate with the inputs on the back of your server.


2. Login to your Video Wall server. For these instructions we used a M70 server.


3. Click, "Splice Control"


4. Click, "Splice"


5. Draw a square over the boxes you wish to display the feed. In this example we used Display 1, 2, 3, and 4


6. Click, "OK"


7. Double-click on the camera you wish to be display across these displays.


8. Click, "Save" The video wall should now display a single camera feed across 4 displays.