DSS/DSS Pro/Instruction/Setup Motion Detection Axis


This guide will show how to configure Motion Detection on AXIS Cameras as well as add an alarm contingency on DSS, so that DSS will receive the alarm info from AXIS cameras.


  • Axis IP Camera connected to the same network as DSS Pro
  • DSS Pro Server and Client
  • Axis IP camera successfully added to DSS Pro

Step by Step Instruction

1. Login to Axis IPC, go to Setup.

2. Click on Detectors, and Motion Detection. Click on New, and then start to draw the motion detection region box, set the Object Size and Sensitivity. Then click Save.

3. Go to DSS Pro Web Manager. Click on Event.

4. Click Add.

5. Select the Alarm Source by going to Video Channel and then select Motion Detect. Then select the Axis IP Camera that added to DSS. Click on Alarm Linkage.

6. Under Link Camera menu, you can choose the stream type, record and pre-record time, and also choose the option to capture the image when event triggered. You also can choose the option to get the pop-up alert on DSS Client when event is triggered.

7. Click + icon to add Link User. You must have at least 1 linked user in order to access this alarm event. If you have multiple users, only selected user on this page will receive an alert from the event alarm. Once finished, click on Alarm Attribute.

8. Set your Alarm Info name, Time Template and Priority Level. Click OK.

9. It is now setup in DSS Pro, selected user will receive alarm event notification on the DSS client when event triggered from Axis IPC.