DSS/V8/DSS Pro/Instruction/DSS Client Installation


This guide will show how to download and install DSS Pro Client software.


  • DSS Express Pro server installed
  • Windows computer

Step by Step Instructions

Download and Install DSS Client

1. You can Download the Install package for DSS Pro PC Client, from the DSS Pro server itself.

There are two methods:

  • open DSS Server click Open Administrator Client


  • Input the address of DSS Server in browser

DSS Client Installation - 2.jpg

Both will direct you to the server page, here you can

Select which client you need to download PC or Mobile Click Download

DSS Client Installation - 1.jpg

2. Run the DSS Pro Client installer

Check the box to agree to the Software agreement.

DSS Client Installation - 3.jpg

Click Next

DSS Client Installation - 4.jpg

3. Select the installation path

Click Install

DSS Client Installation - 5.jpg

The installation process will begin

DSS Client Installation - 6.jpg

Once fully installed click Run to start DSS Pro Client

DSS Client Installation - 7.jpg

First Time DSS Pro Client Configuration

The DSS Client needs to be configured to connect to the desired DSS Pro server

Auto Search will display any DSS servers discovered on the local network

DSS Client Installation - Setup - 1.jpg

Click Fill in server information to Manually Add the DSS Pro Server by IP

DSS Client Installation - Setup - 2.jpg

Enter the IP of the server Enter the Login port, default 443

Click OK

DSS Client Installation - Setup - 3.jpg

Create a Password for the system user for DSS Pro

Enter a password twice to confirm

Click Next Step

DSS Client Installation - Setup - 4.jpg

Set up security questions for password recovery

Click OK

DSS Client Installation - Setup - 5.jpg