DSS/V8/DSS Pro/Instruction/Disk Group Operation


This guide will show how to setup and configure a Disk group for DSS Pro.

Disks that are added to DSS Pro can be grouped together to create a Disk Group.

You can then configure devices added to DSS Pro to record to specific Disk Groups.


  • DSS Pro V8 Server and Client
  • Devices added to DSS Pro

Step by Step Instructions

1.Login to DSS Pro Client and then go to Configurations > Device menu.

From Home Select the Configuration menu

DSS Pro Client Home Configurations.jpg

2. Click on Storage

DSS Pro Local Disk Configuration - 1.jpg

3. Click Add

DSS Pro Disk Group Operation - 1.jpg

4. Enter a disk group name

Select the disks to add to the group

DSS Pro Disk Group Operation - 2.jpg

5. Select the channels to record to this disk group

DSS Pro Disk Group Operation - 3.jpg

Click OK to save

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