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Firmware/Locate Device Firmware via Product Page

Locate Device Firmware via Product Page


The product page for Dahua North American products will have the latest firmware available for download on each of their respective pages.


  • Dahua Product Purchased from an Authorized Dahua North America Reseller
  • Device Model Number
  • Method for update (see below)
  • PC for firmware download

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Locate the Model Number of the device. The model number can be located: on a sticker fixed to the device, on the product box label, inside the system's information area.


2. Go to


3. Click the, "Data Sheets" icon.


4. Click the icon that matches with your device.


5. Locate the model of your device, and click on it.


6. Scroll down, until you see the firmware section.


7. Click the firmware link to begin the download.