Fisheye Dewarp Playback Browser

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Dewarp Fisheye via Web Browser


  • Internet Explorer
  • Active-X
  • Fisheye camera online

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Before proceeding you will need to delete previous Active-X installs.

‣Navigate to start menu on PC → right click → select file explorer

fisheye dewarp 2.png

‣Select Windows (C:) → Select Programs Files folder → Right Click on the Webrec Folder and delete. Repeat process for Program Files (86x)

fisheye dewarp 1.png fisheye dewarp 7.png fisheye dewarp 8.png

1. Go to your web browser and log into a fisheye.


2. Select the installation mode and your view mode.


3. You may now see the dewarp in your browser.


4.For Playback select the "Playback tab" Please note you will have to complete the previous steps for dewarp to work on playback.

You can now dewarp on playback

fisheye dewarp 5.png