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How to Setup Push Notifications via Mobile Application


This is the paid "PLUS" version for IDMSS/GDMSS. For push notifications to work you must have "Event/Motion" and or "Alarm" enabled From the "Device Manager" in the main menu of IDMSS/GDMSS paid application. Follow the step by step instructions below to setup push notifications.


  • Smartphone with IDMSS/GDMSS PLUS
  • Connection and profile to the device
  • Event such as Motion Detect must be enabled from Recorder.

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. From Main Menu Select "Alarm Manager"

push not 1.png

2. Select "Push Config"

push not 2.png

3. Select Recorder from list.

push not 10.png

4. Select "Push Type" → Select one of the following: Live Preview, Video or Image → Select back icon.

push not 4.png push not 5.png push not 11.png

5. Select Alarm Type.

push not 6.png

6. Select Camera or Cameras → Select back icon.

push not 7.png push not 8.png

7. Select Disk icon to subscribe entry.

push not 9.png