NVR/Basic Setup/Video Matrix and Spot Out

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Video Matrix and Spot Out

This is a How To Guide for the following Models:
HCVR72A16A-S3, HCVR72A08-S3, HCVR52A16A-S3, HCVR52A16AN-S3

To make this feature work you will need to do the following: 

1. Go to the Main Menu click on System in the Setting Section. 


2. On the Left side, click on Display.

  • In the first tab click on the box for the Video Matrix. 


3. A drop down menu will appear, select either VGA or HDMI Output.


4. Once Selected, click on Apply, then on Save


5. Now when it comes back up you will need to go back to the Main Menu and click on System in the Settings section. 


6. On the left column click on the video Matrix, then select the cameras that you would like to appear in the "Spot Out" monitor. 


7. Click Apply and Save. Now you will have a  monitor that will have access to the Menu functions as well has a monitor for viewing only.