NVR Interface-Info-Log

From Main Menu->Info->Log, the interface is shown as below:


  1. Select log type and then set start time/end time, click Search button, you can see log time and event information. Click ListIcon.jpgto view detailed log information.
  2. Select log items you want to save and then click backup button, you can select a folder to save them. Click Start to backup and you can see the corresponding dialogue box after the process is finish.

  • Double click a log item to view its detailed information. See Figure 4 146.
  • Click PgUp/PgDn to view more logs.
  • Start time/end time: Pleased select start time and end time, then click search button. You can view the log files in a list. System max displays 100 logs in one page. It can max save 1024 log files. Please use page up/down button on the interface or the front panel to view more.

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