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Another New Firmware Released for NVR6A08


  • If you recently updated your NVR to, "DH_NVR6XX-4KS2_Eng_V3.216.0000000.0.T.180820.BIN" you must update your firmware as soon as possible.
  • You must reset the NVR to defaults after updating the device.
  • You must go through the startup wizard, and initialize the device.
NVR608 2018-11-01 12-33-29.png


  • Web Version: V3.2.3.102746
  • ONVIF Version: V2.4.1
  • Security Baseline Version: V1.3
  • System Version: V3.216.0000000.0
  • Build Date: 2018-10-09

Applicable Devices

  • DHI-NVR608-32-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR608-64-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR608-128-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR608R-64-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR608R-128-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR616-64-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR616-128-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR616D-64-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR616D-128-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR616R-64-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR616R-128-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR616DR-64-4KS2
  • DHI-NVR616DR-128-4KS2

Download Links

Update Process

You can update your NVR using the following methods:

New Functions

  • Smart H.265+/H.264+
  • Device Initialization
  • Password Reset
  • New Anti-channel Conflict Strategy
  • P2P
    P2P Added
  • Online Upgrade
  • Preview Mode
  • Multiple-channel Preview
  • Panoramic Preview Mode
    Panoramic Preview Mode
  • GDPR
  • Thermal Camera Access
    Thermal Camera Access
  • ANPR
  • Edit View
  • MP4 Format Backup
    MP4 Format Backup
  • IP Test
  • New Smart Play Interface
    New Smart Play Interface
  • No 888888 account

New Security

  • NVR can not connect the IPC from the China mainland through onvif or private protocol. If you do so, system will prompt “ Device is not compatible” and there will be no video.


  • CPU Temperature Alarm
    CPU Temperature Alarm
  • Automatic Maintenance
    System no longer auto-reboots by default
  • DNS
  • Delete Dahua/QuickDDNS
    DahuaDDNS/QuickDDNS Removed
  • Multiple-address mode
  • Delete Video Synopsis Function

Bug Fixes

  • Onvif update: Update the onvif to the latest version.
  • Smart seach: Smart seach function failed to use.
  • ARP packets: Many ARP network packets in NVR network lead to video stuck.
  • OSD: The font color of certain IPC’s OSD is black in monitor channel.
  • HDD record: One HDD is not full, the video was recorded to the next HDD.
  • PTZ control: The NKB or smartpss do not control the PTZ when monitor channel switch to others.
  • PTZ control: AUX in PTZ setting cannot control wipers of PTZ cameras.
  • Time zone setting: The time zone of IPC and NVR is not uniform when camera is connected by onvif.
  • Configuration setting: NVR can’t get the motion detection configuration of IPC when NVR connects to XVR8816s.
  • Configuration setting : NVR600-4KS2 failed to set the configuration of IPC-HDBW1220E.
  • Account: In the step of adding account , when user enable channel in monitor menu of account interface, but not enable the camera function in system menu, user failed to monitor the channel in web client.
  • Account: When “admin” , in local client ,modify user’s account which has logged in Web client, NVR display no video, in black screen.
  • Video play: The video which was exported to USB device is not consistent with NVR recording time, and playback abnormal.
  • GMT: When reboot the NVR, it failed to save the GMT setting.
  • Preview in black screen: For NVR600-4KS2 in 36 split monitor, if user switch the monitor interface to single split and switch to 36 splits again, the last four monitor channels will display in black screen.

Unfixed Bugs

  • PTZ Wiper does not work from Mobile App