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Playback from SmartPSS


Playback in SmartPSS is a feature that access local or remote storage devices such as an NVR. Follow the instructions below to start using this feature of SmartPSS.


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. From the home page select "Play Back"

smart play 1.png

Step 2. On the right hand side, select a device to view play back. Multiple devices may be selected

smart play 2.png

Step 3. Select Record or Picture → Select type for drop down selection. You may select all or any type of the events such as motion → Select Stream Type → Select from date and time to date and time → Select Search.

smart play 3.png

Step 4. Select Record or Event to view Playback → Select Channels to view → select play.

smart play 4.png

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