Mobile/iDMSS Push Notifications

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How to Setup Push Notifications via Mobile Application


For push notifications to work you must have "Event/Motion" and or "Alarm" enabled From the "Device Manager" in the main menu of IDMSS/GDMSS application. Follow the step by step instructions below to setup push notifications.


  • Smartphone with IDMSS/GDMSS PLUS
  • Connection and profile to the device
  • Event such as Motion Detect must be enabled from Recorder.

Video Instructions iDMSS/gDMSS version 4.80.001

Step by Step Instructions iDMSS/gDMSS version 4.50.000

1. Open iDMSS/gDMSS on the phone, and select the home icon located on the top left corner.
1. Setting Up iDMMS Push Notification.JPG

2. Select the "Message" icon towards the bottom then select the create alert icon towards the top left corner.
2. Setting Up iDMMS Push Notification.JPG

3. Select the recorder/camera previously added.
3. Setting Up iDMMS Push Notification.JPG

4. Toggle the recorder/camera to enable push notification for that device. As for "Push type", there are options and depends on which is used the alert will be displayed as is.
4. Setting Up iDMMS Push Notification.JPG

5. In this tutorial, let's take a look at "Motion Dection". Select the "Motion Dection".
5. Setting Up iDMMS Push Notification.JPG

6. Select which channels the motions are setup, and go back.
6. Setting Up iDMMS Push Notification.JPG

7. Click on the save icon located on the top right corner to save the changes.
7. Setting Up iDMMS Push Notification.JPG

8. When the motion is being triggered, the push notification message will be displayed.
8. Setting Up iDMMS Push Notification.JPG

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

iDMSS Plus Latest Version

1. Locate and launch iDMSS app on the Phone.

2. Press on the menu icon and press on Message Center.

Idmss notif 11.png

3. Press on Add alarm device icon.

Idmss notif 22.png

4. Select the added device.

Idmss notif 33.png

5. Enable the notification for that device by switching the toggle. It will show blue if on.

Idmss notif 44.png

6. Select push type. For this tutorial, we are selecting Motion Detect > then press Motion detection > Select the camera channel.

Idmss notif 441.png Idmss notif 55.png

7. Go back to Push Type menu and press Save.

Idmss notif 77.png

8. Your notification should be subscribe now on the app, you should receive notification when motion is triggered.

Idmss notif 88.png Idmss notif 99.png

iDMSS old version

1. From Main Menu Select "Alarm Manager"

Push not 1.png

2. Select "Push Config"

Push not 2.png

3. Select Recorder from list.

Push not 10.png

4. Select "Push Type" → Select one of the following: Live Preview, Video or Image → Select back icon.

Push not 4.png Push not 5.png Push not 11.png

5. Select Alarm Type.

Push not 6.png

6. Select Camera or Cameras → Select back icon.

Push not 7.png Push not 8.png

7. Select Disk icon to subscribe entry.

Push not 9.png