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DSS: Digital Surveillance System

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  • Multi-device, multi-channel real time monitoring and record playback
  • E-map function allows user to position the device at any time.
  • Bidirectional talk allows client to communicate with front-end device and broadcast.
  • Easy management over wall display with synchronous display.
  • Customize monitoring plan and supports multi-channel/window video tour.
  • Alarm activation with alarm video
  • Mouse simulating rocker to control PTZ
  • Easy search of video with mark function
  • Local snapshot
  • Behavior analysis, face recognition, smart track and people count.
DSS Family
  • DSS-B: Apply to basic video surveillance system, like shops, factory .Including monitoring, playback, Intelligent.
  • DSS-M: In addition to the basic functions ,such as real-time monitoring, playback , E-map. DSSM also enhances its user-experience on the operation of GPS positioning, electric-Fence, track of vehicle, various reports and etc.
  • DSS-T: Apply to Intelligence Transportation System, Support Red Light Enforcement , ANPR, Radar Speed Enforcement and etc.
  • DSS-H: Apply to intelligent building, like Plaza, Shopping Mall, Hotels, parking lot. including video surveillance, access control, alarm, video intercom and intelligent parking lot together.


Default Credentials Information
Default Config Portal Default Credentials:

DSS Linux Config Page.png

User: admin

Password: 123456

Default Operator Portal Default Credentials:


Create an account specifically for viewing the devices via DSS Client. Do not use, "System" or "admin"

Default Admin Portal Default Credentials:


User: system

Password: 123456

DSS Client Default Login Credentials:

DSS Client Login.png

Create an account specifically for viewing the devices via DSS Client. Do not use, "System" or "admin"

Default Port Information
  • Port 9000: CMS-Manage other server registration and signal deployment
  • Port 9200: DMS-Responsible to login front encoder, receive alarm, forward alarm, send alarm and send calibration command
  • Port 9100: MTS-Responsible to get A/V stream from front device and forward to SS, client and decoding device.
  • Port 9320: SS-Responsible for record storage and record search and playback
  • Port 9500: ARS-Responsible to auto register device listening, login and get and 9500 forward stream to MTS
  • Port 9700: ASC-Responsible to resolve alarm scheme into ADS and some APP
  • Port 9600: ADS-Response to send alarm info to different objects according to different schemes
  • Port 9800: ADP-Responsible for cascading of alarm business
  • Port 9900: VQDS-Perform video quality diagnosis, currently diagnosis options on 7016 are:video loss, high brightness, low brightness, contrast, definition, color shift
  • Port 9400: PES-Responsible to manage MCD
  • Port 8081: PTS
  • Port 5080: SIP
  • Port 554: RTP


  • MCD: Responsible for alarm host, access control and environment device input and alarm receiving and forwarding
  • PCPS: Responsible for Hikvision, onvif device login and to get and forward stream to MTS
  • MGW: Responsible to send MTS address to decoding device
  • VMS: Responsible to login decoding device and send video wall task to decoding device

URL Explanation


  • DSS7016-General_DSS_Eng_Basic_V6.08.000.R.20170713.tar.gz
  • DSS4004-General_DSS_Eng_Basic_V6.08.000.R.20170713.tar.gz
  • DSS7016-S2-
  • DSS4004-S2-

How To

Initial Setup
Account Management
Add Devices



Model DH-DSS
Device to Use
Supported Devices DVR, video server, IP cameras, decoders etc.
Max Register Device Support 1000 channels
Device Management Add, delete, reboot, configuration, bidirectional talk
Health Report Device status, alarm info.
Central Management(DSS Server)
User Management 2 type: administrator and operator
Device Management Add, delete and modify the device
E-map Add, delete and modify the map and device
Status Log record, device status, user status
Live Monitoring(DSS Client)
Video Display Split Full screen and 1 / 4 / 9 / 13 / 16 / 25 /36
Launches Instant Play DVR, video server, IP camera
PTZ Control Directions, Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Preset, Tour, Pattern
Snapshot Support
Local Record Support
Video Information Camera title, time, video loss
Video Source Local PC, device itself, storage server
Search Type Certain time, timing, motion detection, alarm, card
Digital Zoom Support
Snapshot Support
Alarm Signal Monitoring
Alarm Type External alarm, video loss, motion detection, camera masking, others
Play Warning Sound or Message Support
Camera Blank Trigger recording, PTZ movement, tour, alarm
Setup A certain period of time of a day, a certain types of alarms, Auto notification sent, Scheduled actions against alarm
Number of Maps Map group : unlimited, Sub-Map, Layout : 64
Supports Image JPEG / BMP
System Requirement
CPU Intel Core2Duo E6750, RAM : 2GB above
Video memory 512MB
HDD 80GB above
OS Window XP/ Vista, DirectX 9.0 above
Display resolution 1024 x 768 above