BEWARE: Upgrading from V7 to V8 will reduce the channel limitation from 500 channels to 256 channels

Before you update to V8.4, please review the following:
The new version does not support access control devices of first generation protocol.
1. If you need to continue using them, do not update to the new version.
2. If an access control device of first generation protocol was already added, it will be automatically deleted after update.

Specifications Firmware V8.0.2
(your DSS must be on latest V7 to upgrade to this version)
Firmware V8.1
(your DSS must be on v8.0.2 or 8.0.4 to upgrade to this version)
Firmware V8.2
(your DSS must be on v8.1 to upgrade to this version)
Frimware V8.4
(your DSS must be on v8.2 to upgrade to this version)

Build Date: 12-16-2021

Build Date: 11-26-2022

Build Date: 05-06-2023

Build Date: 01-27-2024
DSSV8 Patch for ActiveMQ
Firmware V7 V7 Patch Files

Build Date: 12-17-2020

Build Date: 12-08-2022
DSSV7 Patch for ActiveMQ