DSS/V8/DSS Express/Instruction/Import Device


This guide will show how to add multiple Dahua devices at once to DSS Express using the Import feature.


  • DSS Express V8 Server and Client
  • Dahua Devices connected to the network

Step by Step Instructions

1.Login to DSS Express Client and then go to Configurations > Device menu.

From Home Select the Configuration menu

DSS Express V8 Home Configuration.jpg

2. Click on Device.

DSS Express V8 Home Device.jpg

3. Click Import

DSS Pro Import Device - 1.jpg

4. Click Template Download to download an example import template file that can be used.

DSS Pro Import Device - 2.jpg

Open the template file in Excel and modify as required.

Template requirements/example:

DSS Pro Import Device - 3.jpg

Click to Select File - Click this to upload the completed template file with all device information.

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