DSS/Instructions/License Activation

DSS License Activation

Step by Step Instruction

DSS Express Computers image WEB.png DSS Express

1.Login to DSS Express Client.

DSS Express Client Login.png

2. Click on Config.

DSS Expres Client Login.png

3. Click on License.

DSS Express Config License.png

4. Click on Activate License.

DSS Express License Activated.png

5. Enter the 16 digits license code that you received from Dahua. Then click on Activate now.

DSS Express Enter License Key.png

5. Your DSS Express is successfully activated, you will be able to see all available modules and license expiration.

DSS Express License Activated.png

DSS Pro Image Web.png DSS Pro

1. Access DSS Pro Config page by click on Open Administrator Client from DSS Server application.

DSS Pro Open Administrator Client.jpg

 Note: if it doesn't launch, you can type in http://DSS_IP_ADDRESS/admin/ on your web browser.

2. Login with credential that you setup when you first accessing Administrator Client.

DSS Pro Web Manager.jpg

3.Click on Activate License.

DSS Pro Activate License.jpg

4. Click on Online Activate.

DSS Pro Online Activate.jpg

5. Enter the 16 digits license code that you received on the email.

DSS Pro License Key Email.jpg

DSS Pro Enter License Key.jpg

6. Once code accepted, you will see prompt Activated Successfully.

DSS Pro License Activated.jpg

7. On the Web Manager home screen, you can see the expiration date of your license.

DSS Pro License Expiration.jpg